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Can I block certain lenders, such as fee charging libraries, from automatically being added to my lender list builds? 

[Lender Lists & ERTI Smart-build] As requested by BCUC members, Auto-Graphics has now added the ability to add any lender codes to a new Blocked Lender list that stops the ERTI smart-build from automatically adding those codes during it's lender list builds. This allows you to have Search Targets/Resources active that may charge fees, so you can continue to search their catalogues, but without the worry that their library code will accidentally be added.

You can still request from libraries that you've blocked by creating a request from a Blank Request form and manually adding their code to your lender list build before approving. Currently manually adding a code only works with Blank Request forms, but we've asked for additional improvements from Auto-Graphics and will update this FAQ when more info is available.

If you wish to use a request created from a record, you can also temporarily remove the code from your Participant Record > Blocked Lenders list then add the code manually to your Lender List in the request and approve. To add the fee charging library into your blocked lender list again check-out the video and guide below.

Watch a quick video on how to add lender codes to your "Blocked Lenders" list within your "ILL Admin > Participant Record". [No sound] Watch Video [90s ; MP4]

How-to Block Lenders:

To update your Blocked Lender list:

  1. Login as an Admin within your Illume.
  2. Under Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Blocked Lenders you can add the codes you'd like to block from the automatic lender list builds.

    For example to add the University of Victoria code enter BVIV and click Submit to save your changes. Hit return to enter another code on the next line. Multiple codes can be added and each one needs to be on a separate line. Check our Search Now page for a list of all library codes or contact us for assistance.

Remember you can still manually add BVIV before approving your request if you ever need to route to them! Note: Only currently works on requests created from the Blank Request form.

Check-out the Configuring Search Targets Display Guide guides to add or edit your search resources. For example if you've removed The University of Victoria as a search target to avoid any unexpected fees you can now add them back in after you've entered their code in your Blocked Lenders list.

Please contact us if you have any questions/concerns or would like some assistance updating your Blocked Lenders list or Search Targets/Resources.