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Patron-initiated Interlibrary Loan Requesting Update & Tips!

July 16, 2020

With many libraries exploring new ways to deliver contact-less library services during Covid-19... Your library may be interested in implementing or optimising Patron-initiated Interlibrary Loan (PI-ILLs) requesting in Illume (SHAREit V6).

And PI-ILLs can be set-up any time prior to activation... ready-to-go whenever you're ready re-open! Just a reminder that Public Libraries should contact Public Libraries Branch <> regarding availability for Returns of physical materials and future plans to re-open ILL services. Post-secondary Libraries can contact us to be added to the list of academic libraries accepting returns or re-opened for physical ILLs.

Check-out our newly updated PI-ILL Guide including new videos for each step of the process, as well as FAQs & Tips. And here's some new & updated features that also make PI-ILLs easier than ever for Staff & Patrons:

  • Guest ILL Request Limits - Libraries can activate a guest patron request limit (eg. 5 concurrent) to block patrons from submitting too many requests and overwhelming ILL Staff.
  • Borrowing Policy - Combine PI-ILLs with the Borrowing Policy to block your patrons from creating requests for items you don't allow them to request (eg. DVDs) and save Staff time cancelling requests for ineligible formats!
  • ILL Review - Patrons may not always pick the "best" record when requesting. ILL Staff can use the "ILL Review" feature to quickly & easily update a request with a new "better" record and/or a new ERTI smart-build automatic Lender List field.
  • Patron Loan & Copy forms - Check-out our new video on the updated Forms interface to simplify your Patron forms so they can submit requests quickly & easily. Patrons can now also swap between Loan & Copy forms if desired for requesting Book Chapters.
  • Patron Tracking Messages & Email Notices - Update your "Guest ILL Tracking" messages and Patron Email Notices (doesn't require PI-ILL) with custom notifications that saves staff communication time. Patrons can also directly receive Articles attached by lenders using Desktop Delivery via patron notifications.

Please contact us if you'd like assistance activating or updating Patron-Initiated ILL or any other feature in Illume!