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Union Database Uploads & ShareFILE

Our provincial Resource Sharing system relies on the integrity and accuracy of our tools. Libraries should upload record submissions to the union catalogues regularly, to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the union databases. Lack of regular record submissions may result in increasing interlibrary loan request errors that are directly related to out-dated records and irregular uploads to the union databases.

ShareFILE (formerly FTP) Procedures for Uploading Records

Guidelines for Union Database Record Uploads

  • BC Union Catalogue (formerly OutLook Online): Libraries should perform a full strip and reload of their union database records at least once a year, or more frequently if desired. From the vendor’s perspective, there is no limit to how often a library can perform full strip and reloads. In addition to the minimum once-a-year full strip and reload, libraries can also perform monthly updates of additions, deletions, and/or changes.
    • When considering which records to export, most sites base their decisions on discoverability. ie. Which of your bibliographic records do you want to be found in Illume?
    • Do you want Illume to contain all your records and act as a "backup catalogue" or do you wish to only load records for items that you ILL?
    • Many sites exclude records for items such as Musical Instruments, Computer Equipment, eBooks and any other items that are not available for ILL.
  • ELN Serials Cat: Detailed information on the Guidelines/FAQs for Serials Submissions page for partner libraries submitting records to the ELN Serials provincial union database.
  • ELN Media Cat: Post-secondaries upload media items they wish to interlibrary loan to this database.

Diagnostic Tools and Fixing Record Errrors

Information on the diagnostic tools, what they are checking for, and how to fix records is available on the Diagnostic Tools for Uploaded Records page. Please also contact the Illume Administrative Centre for additional assistance.

In preparation for a Union Database cleanup project in 2020, Auto-Graphics has started checking UDB record uploads for various issues such as multiple 245 Title fields which cause the "Blank Title Bug". We hope to identify all records that reportedly cause errors over the next year or so (2019-20). You may see emails from Auto-Graphics or the Illume Admin Centre highlighting any of your records that we recommend be updated. Records with issues can be provided in text or MARC format by Auto-Graphics.