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Why are my Illume system email messages to patrons being bounced back or blocked?

[Network or Server Issues] You may sometimes receive bounced-back or blocked email messages from various Internet providers (eg. Office 365 or, if you have Illume patron system email message notifications activated under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Patron Notices. This unfortunately usually occurs because the email providers have marked Illume messages as spam. This may also occur if your own email provider hasn't whitelisted or allowed the Illume server's IP addresses/domains.

Messages from Illume are marked as spam due to the way they're created/sent by our server. The system uses the email address entered/added ( in your "EMail Notice Set-up: EMail Notice From Address" section in your Participant Record to "spoof" or fake an email message "from" that entered address. Even though it may appear that the emails are coming from your email address, the internet providers can tell they are really coming from the Illume server. This is a common trait of spam or phishing email messages so many email providers mistakenly mark it as spam and block or bounce it.

So what can we do to fix the problem? Unfortunately not much as it remains an ongoing issue due to spam filters and the large quantity of spammers! We've made requests to various internet providers (eg. to not block these messages but that usually only works for a short-time and they're then re-blocked.

If you start receiving bounced back messages try the following:

  1. Check that the email address entered into your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Patron Notices > EMail Notice Set-up : EMail Notice From Address is correct.
  2. Forward along some samples of your bounced messages to <> and we'll try to investigate the issue!
  3. One work-around when you receive bounced-back messages is to Open the bounced back message in your email software and click "Resend". The email message frequently goes through then because it is no longer "spoofed" and the internet providers can see the message is actually coming from your library not the Illume server.
  4. Library Technical Support: Contact your IT Department first to make sure that the Illume servers three (3) IP addresses are added to a whitelist or authorized/allowed by your own email provider. IP Addresses:
  5. Your IT Department may also need to whitelist the following two domains: * and *
  6. ILL Staff: Contact the Internet Provider (eg. Office 365 or from the email address entered in your Participant Record (eg. and request that they not block Library messages from the Illume servers. Provide them with the domain name <> and IP Addresses <> and additional information on our services:
  7. Library Patrons: Request that your Patrons contact their email service provider to have the messages from Illume not marked as spam.
  8. Contact us to let us know about the issue! We're happy to assist where we can but we recommend you and your patrons start with the options above as libraries have reported better success when a Library or Patron makes the request directly to an Internet Provider.


Since this is an ongoing issue - what else can be done? Auto-Graphics is exploring alternate notification options such as text messages and mobile apps.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions/concerns or enhancement suggestions for Auto-Graphics!