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How can I set-up my live shelf status checks to NOT apply to Blank Request forms?

[Live Shelf Status] Included in the update to v5.0.22.42 is the BCUC requested optional feature to disable live shelf availability checking when Borrower libraries submit a Blank Request form.

This allows Borrower libraries to bypass both Live Shelf Checks and Lending Policies by using a Blank Request form. This optional Lender library feature, allows requests that would normally be exceptions (via email or telephone) to instead be integrated into your Illume workflow including statistics!

Important Note: Only Lender libraries that have activated Live Shelf Checks can choose whether they'd like to allow Borrower libraries to by-pass their live shelf checks in this situation. Currently all Live Shelf Status sites (except BNVI) have disabled live shelf checks against requests submitted using the blank request form. For libraries that have not activated this feature (BNVI), you should contact them directly to make an exception request or contact us for assistance over-riding the live shelf check.

Watch a quick video on how to disable Live Shelf Checks on Blank Requests. [No sound] Watch Video [2m ; MP4]



If you are a Lender library with live shelf checks activated, we highly recommend you activate this option.

  1. Login to Illume as an Administrator.
  2. Under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Blank Request - Disable Availability > check-off "Yes" and click Submit to save.

Please contact us if you have any questions/concerns about this feature or if you are a Lender library and would like some assistance activating this option.

Note: As a Borrower library, you will see the Notification message "Notes: Availability checking disabled by lender for blank requests" if the lender library has already disabled live shelf checks against any blank requests received.