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How do I tell which records are from a Union Database and which are from a Z39.50 Target/Resource?

[Union Database] The Z39.50 Search Resources/Targets available to Guests/Patrons and ILL Staff at your library will depend upon your Administrative settings under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources. Check-out our Configuring Search Targets Display Guides for more information on how to update your search targets/resources.

Watch a tutorial on how to add or edit your Search Resources/Targets for both patrons and staff. [No sound] Watch Video [7m30s ; MP4]
  • Within Illume you can usually display search results from multiple Search Resources (formerly called Targets) including the BC Union Databases (BC Union Catalogue, ELN Serials Cat and/or ELN Media Cat) as well as any available Z39.50 Resources (for example below the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and/or University of Northern British Columbia). Check-off all the Search Resources you'd like to display in your results and then enter your search terms!

    Please Note:
    Even if you don't check-off all the Search Resources/Targets to display in your Search Results, the system should separately build the ERTI smart-build lender list based on all the Search Resources displayed to ILL Staff (even if un-checked).

  • You can also distinguish union database record results from Z39.50 records in a few other places. Currently search resource/location information can only be found in the Full Details (within the record where it says "Found in:") or your History Information. In V6 the search resource/location information does not currently display on Search Results. But the vendor Auto-Graphics is working on adding this back iin hopefully by the end of 2020.

    If you want to only view the records from the Union Databases you can check-off just the BC Union Database(s) such as OutLook Online (now called BC Union Catalogue).

  • Lastly, if you'd like to know whether or not your request was created from a Z39.50 record you can check-out the History Information located at the bottom of your request. For example in the request below, the first history entry has "Notes: Created from Z39.50 record by staff".

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns about creating your requests from Union Database records or Z39.50 records.