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Staff can customise Illume (SHAREit) for their own personal use and Administrators can also set-up/configure Illume with improvements for both staff & patrons.

Check-out our new Illume System Health Checklist [PDF] for administrators including our recommended yearly checklist to maintain the health of your Illume system as well as an updated Borrower & Lender Workflow overview to highlight optimisations available.

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Guide Formats Available Description Last Updated
Best Practices for SHAREit Academic Libraries HTML

Best Practices for Post-secondary libraries using the SHAREit software to borrow & lend within the Illume system.

Includes guidelines & recommendations for Preferred Lender Lists, Participant Record Configuration, SHAREit Request Manager Workflow, SHAREit Software Optimisations, and Union Database Updates.

For Best Practices for Public libraries, please contact Public Libraries Branch <>.
March 2021
Best Practices for ISO-target Academic Libraries HTML

PDF [829KB]
Best Practices for Post-secondary libraries using ISO-target software (eg. Relais) as their primary ILL management system to borrow & lend within the Illume system.

Includes guidelines & recommendations for SHAREit Participant Record Configuration, ISO-target Request Manager Workflow, SHAREit Software Optimisations, and Union Database Updates.
February 2022
Blocked Lenders List Watch Video
[1m:30s ; MP4]
Add any lender codes to a new Blocked Lenders list that stops the ERTI smart-build from automatically adding those codes during it's lender list builds. For example, add the code for any fee-based libraries! More information also available in our FAQ. January 2018
Borrowing Policy Set-up Guide HTML Set-up your new Borrower Policy to hide the "Request this Item" button on records based on material type (eg. DVD). Guest patrons and Staff can be configured with the request button available on different formats! March 2020
Configure Shipping Labels HTML Library administrators can set-up your new custom Borrower, Lender or Avery shipping labels. March 2022
Create and Update your Library's ILL Policy Page HTML Template for Post-secondary libraries publishing their ILL Policy Pages as part of their Benefits & Responsibilities for BC ELN academic libraries. April 2021
ERTI (Enhanced Request This Item) Functionality and the ERTI ILL Request Workflow HTML How the ERTI matching algorithm is used by Illume when ILL requests are forwarded to potential lenders on the lender list, including workflow changes. December 2019
Holiday/Temporary Closures Set-up Guide PDF
[537 KB]

Watch Video
[2m ; MP4]
Update your Illume Holiday List with your closure dates and/or suspend Patron-Initiated requesting. June 2020
ILL Fees HTML Some libraries charge a fee when loaning ILL items. This guide includes more information on fees, and tips on how to avoid charges. July 2015
Live Shelf Status Set-up Guide HTML Would you like to activate live shelf status checks for your library? System Librarians/Administrators and ILL Staff can check-out the guide for information on what to expect during the process.  Please contact us directly to set-up Live Shelf Status. June 2018
Lending Policy Set-up Guide HTML ** Updated with New Features for SHAREit V6! ** Set-up your automatic system Lender Policy to determine lendable items by all available material types/formats in SHAREit. If a request is sent to your library for a non-lendable item, your library will be skipped over as a lender automatically. January 2021
OpenILL and OpenURL Options HTML

*NEW February 2024* If your library doesn't have an item, you can display pre-populated interlibrary loan request or search links from a variety of resources, such as Catalogues (eg. Bibliocommons), Discovery (eg. EBSCO EDS), Databases (eg. Academic Search), or Web Forms on your library website.

With OpenILL, clicking an ILL link or completing a web form will send the REQEUEST bibliographic data directly to the Blank Request Form within SHAREit. Web forms can also be configured to send Patron information if desired. And for libraries set-up with Permanent Patron accounts, patrons will just need to login to display their saved patron information.

For OpenURL, which sends pre-populated SEARCH links, please check-out the PDF guide below for more information or contact us for assistance.

February 2024
"Open URL" Structure: Passing a Search String into Illume Guide PDF
[1.6 MB]
** Updated for SHAREit V6! ** If your library doesn't have an item, you can generate a link that will take users directly to search results for the desired item in Illume, instead of to the search screen. Information on how-to create these OpenURLs to pass search strings into the Illume system. Includes both Bibliocommons and EBSCO Custom Links (EDS, Databases, Full Text Finder etc) information. February 2020
Patron-Initiated ILL Setup and Procedures


Patron-initiated ILL requests allows patrons to search Illume and then directly request from a record in the system. Documentation and templates available on setting up PI-ILLs and custom forms, recommended patron ILL permissions, suggested privacy disclaimer notices, and enabling patron tracking of ILL requests. The new customisable patron forms can now be made privacy compliant for British Columbia patrons! July 2020
Preferred and System-wide Lender Lists HTML Post-secondary and Public libraries both have a Preferred (or Primary) Lender List that load-levels requests first within their own library type (eg. Public to Public). Requests to other library types (eg. Public to Post-secondary) use the the System-wide (or Secondary) Lender List to locate remaining available lenders. August 2022
Quick Links HTML Customise your Quick Links (formerly Quick Menu) menu on your Staff Dashboard. Quick Links are specific to each separate logged in account. November 2019
Search Target/Resource Configuration Guide PDF
[526 KB]

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[7m30s ; MP4]

Configure the available catalogues (resources or targets) displayed for both patrons and Staff. Search resources are used for Search Results and the ERTI Smart-build of the lender list. Check-out our Library and Archives Canada Search Resources guide for how to set-up a Library & Archives Canada web link or Z39.50 search target/resource to directly Voila within Illume.

March 2017
Search Widget


Watch Video
[3m:30s ; MP4]

** Updated for SHAREit V6! ** Libraries can add a direct Illume search widget to their web pages (LibGuides, Moodle and more!) using our HTML code example.

February 2020
Social Media Icons Watch Video
[2m ; MP4]
Libraries can deactivate the Social Media icons for Patrons/Guests and/or Staff if desired. More information available in our FAQ. March 2018
Statistics Guide HTML Includes info and differences on retrieving statistics from each Statistics section If all your report options aren't display check-out our FAQ to activate additional reports. March 2017
User Accounts Setup Tips PDF
[400 KB]
Each user account in Illume can be edited for different levels of access and ILL permissions. Includes recommended settings for administrators, ILL staff, and other library staff users. December 2017