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Library & Archives Canada Search Resources

The Library & Archives Canada (LAC) catalogue Amicus stopped updating library records as of July 2017 and is now retired. They have launched a new catalogue Voilà instead for Canada-wide records and Aurora for LAC-only records. Check-out their website <> for more information!

SEARCH Voilà Web Catalogue:

Z39.50 Access (Registered) in Illume (Search Only)

If you previously used the AMICUS Z39.50 Target, you may wish to replace it with the Voilà Z39.50 search only targets now available in Illume under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources:

  • Voila Z39.50 Registered (Search only)
  • *Retired* AMICUS - Registered (Search Only)

Registration for Voilà Z39.50

Similar to Amicus, you will need to register with LAC-OCLC to receive a username/password to authenticate their new OCLC Z39.50 server via Illume. Registration for Z39.50 searching for ILL purposes is free and can be requested here:

Registration for AMICUS is no longer available.

Add Voilà or AMICUS as a Search Target/Resource

For information on how to add search targets in Illume, check-out the Configuring Search Targets Display Guide [PDF] or contact the Illume Administrative Centre for additional assistance.

Watch a tutorial on how to add or edit your Search Resources/Targets for both patrons and staff, including updating your UserID & password for registered search targets. [No sound] Watch Video
[7m30s ; MP4]

Updating Your User ID and Password

After you've added Voilà as a Search Target/Resource, you can update/edit your UserID and Password at any time under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources > choose Voilà > click the Padlock button to access just a userid pop-up or Edit to access the entire configuration.

Web Link for Voilà Z39.50

If you do not wish to register for Z39.50 access, you can instead add a link to the web Voilà search via I when logged in as an Administrator under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources > add web link "Voila Canada's Catalogue". This will then show-up in your Weblinks section of Illume if activated/displayed within your UX Admin (UX Admin > System Settings > Web Links Options).

This only allows searching outside of Illume and may also be a display option for patrons as they're unable to accidentally request from records within the web version. Staff are able to create requests from the Voila Z39.50 Registered (Search only) resource but cannot send those requests directly to non-BC libraries.


Please contact us if you have any problems updating your Voilà login within Illume!