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V6 Migration Known Bugs or Issues

July 14, 2019

The SHAREit Version 6 (V6) is now live and all your requests, logins and settings should be migrated over. We're currently encountering some known issues with certain sections of the V6 software and Auto-Graphics is investigating and working on fixes.

If you are still encountering problems for one of the issues marked as "Fixed" below - please let us know!

  • Archival Mixed Materials Bug - All new requests are being created with the "Archival Mixed Materials" format, even if they are books or dvds Auto-Graphics has been notified and applied a temporary fix.
  • ISO Issues with Will not Supply messages - Some ISO partner libraries (eg. SFU & RRU) have reported that the "Will not Supply" messages they're sending from their ILL software (eg. Relais or VDX) are not being received by SHAREit V6. Therefore requests they cannot supply are remaining in the Borrower's Pending until the ISO site's Days to Respond expires and the request moves on to other lenders. Please contact an ISO library if you want to clarify the status of a request languishing in your Pending. Auto-Graphics is working on a fix for this issue!
  • Blank "Advanced Search" or "Your Favorite Resources": A few libraries have reported that they only see a blank page, when logged in with their Staff account, while viewing the Advanced Search or your account settings "Your Favorite Resources". Please contact us with the account name you're using so we can send it to Auto-Graphics and offer you some work-arounds while A-G investigates the issue.
  • Owned by My Library: Some libraries have reported that the "Show Owned By This Library Notification Message" feature may not be working. Auto-Graphics is investigating.
  • Union Database Updates: Your recent record uploads have not yet been loaded to the union databases due to an issue with the V6 import bibtool. Auto-Graphics is workring on the issue and the backlog of uploaded records will be loaded once the script is fixed. The ShareFile is currently unavailable and we will update the listservs when it's available again.
  • Scoping & Labelling: Currently the Scoping & Labelling feature of the software may not display categories corrrectly. This is a display issue only and we hope it will be resolved in the future.
  • Pick Calendar Issues: The Need-by pick calendar when creating a request is not currently available for logged in Staff or guest patrons (where libraries have allowed them to use it within their Participant Record). Staff can instead update the calendar/date from the request in Awaiting Approval before sending it to lenders. Auto-Graphics is working on the issue.
  • *FIXED July 31st* Browser Compatiblity: We've received reports that many versions of Firefox (v.44, v.52, v.61 & v.62) that should be supported according to Auto-Graphics, are currently showing errors when requests are submitted (spinning wheel and requests don't submit). Auto-Graphics has investigated the problem and they believe they'll have a fix soon, but in the meantime we recommend updating your Firefox to at least v.66 or using Chrome is possible. Please check-out the chart from A-G to see if your browser should be compatible with SHAREit V6. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • *FIXED July 31st* Blank Request Form Copies Field: The "Number of Copies Needed: (over 1 creates multiple requests)" field should not exist on a Blank Request Form. Auto-Graphics is working on correcting this issue soon!
  • *FIXED July 31st* Article Month/Day Stuck: The Article Month/Day gets stuck on "Fall" and "31" no matter what date is chosen.
  • *FIXED July 31st* Your List" icon (screenshot below): is occasionally showing on the guest patron screens. This is just a graphical user interface glitch, as saving items to a list is not activated for guest patrons at this time. Clicking the list shows the empty list pop-up. The Auto-Graphics Development Team is working on a fix for this issue.

Please let us know if you encounter any additional bugs or issues with the new software or have any questions!