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Public Libraries Procedures for Uploading Records

Public Libraries ONLY

Public Libraries can transfer files and upload their library’s bibliographic records and holdings to the Illume Union Databases, using Auto-Graphics new ShareFILE system that replaces FTP/SFTP. It’s completely web-based, works with any browser and uses HTTPS for all transfers to a Canadian (Ontario) storage location. Their new file sharing option should address issues of secure transferring and also eliminate the problems associated with FTP clients and DOS or Windows Explorer etc. 

Please let us know if you encounter any issues using Auto-Graphics new file sharing method.

ShareFILE Procedures for Illume

Once you have downloaded the MARC records from your ILS, complete the following steps:

  1. File Format and Compressed Files - Ensure that your files are in MARC-8 format. You may wish to compress your downloaded MARC record files. Auto-Graphics accepts .ZIP compressed files.
  2. File Name - It is important that you identify the file(s) from your library. Use your library’s Illume Library Code as part of the filename. For example, the West Vancouver Memorial Library would submit their file:
    • For the BC Union Catalogue Union Database (formerly OutLook Online) as: bvaout (where ‘bva’ is the library code and ‘out’ stands for the BC Union Catalogue).
  3. Uploading Files - Using a Web Browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox)
    • Go directly to the new ShareFILE HTTPS web page:
    • Enter the Password (contact us for the current password or check listserv emails).
    • Have the export file of MARC records ready on your desktop or open to the file location.
    • Drag and drop the export file from your computer’s folder to the ShareFILE location below the Folders (the FAILEDFILTER, NO_ISSN_ISBN, and REJECTS folders are for A-G error reports only and files should not be dropped inside them; and the "sitka" folder should not be used either except by BC Coop).
    • OR you can also use the plus (+) button and and click the Upload link to explore for the file on your computer and upload to the top level of the ShareFILE.

    • If you have more than one export file to send, repeat the process. When done, close or exit the file share web page.
  4. Notification - Once you have uploaded your export file to Auto-Graphics ShareFILE site, send an e-mail to Ramiro Castillo <> and copy (cc') <> with the following information:
    • Library name
    • Illume Library Code
    • Library contact
    • Submission date
    • Submission method (ie. ShareFILE)
    • Addition/Deletion of records, or Full Strip & Reload?
    • File name(s)
    • Total number of bibliographic records submitted with each file
    • MARC tag in the records that contains the call number

Have any questions/concerns? Please contact us for assistance.

Procedures Updated September 27, 2021