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COVID-19: Re-opening Interlibrary Loan Services in Illume (SHAREit V6)

May 20, 2020

With the recent announcement of BC's Restart Plan, some libraries may be considering accepting Returns of physical materials or re-opening soon with limited services such as curbside pick-up of physical items and resumption of Interlibrary Loan Borrowing or Lending services.​

Returning Lender Materials in Illume:

Re-opening for Lending in Illume:

  • Resuming Lending Services - To re-open your library for Lending in Illume (SHAREit V6), please check your Holiday List closure dates (under ILL Admin > Participant Record > Holiday List) and remove any dates related to temporary Covid-19 closures. Don't forget to click Submit to save your changes! This will immediately re-open your Request Manager's Lender > Pending to receive new requests from borrowers. Please contact us if you'd like assistance removing your Holiday List dates.
  • Renewal Requests: Many libraries have requested renewals during the temporary closures. We recommend that you mark those requests within your Lender Request Manager as "Accept Renewal" and do not mark Overdue requests as "Lost".
  • Days to Return - Lenders may wish to increase their Days to Return setting (under Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record) to accommodate libraries implementing a 3-day "quarantine" period for recently returned patron Book Drop materials. Increase your setting by 7 to 14 days (eg. to 49 days) to allow for increased processing time before materials automatically update to Overdue within Illume. This change will only apply to new requests shipped after the settings update.
  • Lending Policy - If you updated your library lending policy to deflect requests for non-physical items; you can allow physical formats (eg. Books) again using the Lending Policy PDF guide or contact us for assistance.
  • Please contact us if you'd like assistance re-opening for Lending within SHAREit!

Re-opening for Borrowing in Illume:

  • Resuming Borrowing Services - For libraries with Patron-initiated Interlibrary requesting, guest patron requesting can be re-activated within your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Show Request This Button check-off "Guests". Don't forget to click Submit to save your changes!
  • Expired RequestsNeed-by (Expiry) Dates can be updated for requests found in your Request Manager's Borrower > Expired category. For more information check-out our video on Need by (Expiry) dates or contact us for assistance. We have temporarily extended the system-wide consortial settings within SHAREit, so requests that would normally delete within 90 days will now remain twice as long. Requests, such as Complete or Expired, which are automatically deleted by the system are now retained for 180 days
  • Default Need-by (Expiry) Date - Borrowers may also wish to temporarily increase their Default Need-by Date setting (under Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Set Default Need-by Date:) due to increase fulfillment times for new borrower requests. We recommend increasing the Need-by Date by 30 to 60 days (eg. 120 days total) as fewer lenders may be available to provide loans. This change will only apply to new requests created after the settings update.
  • Borrowing Policy - If you updated your library borrowing policy to only allow the "Request this Item" button on non-physical items, you can re-activate the request button for guest patrons on physical items (eg. Books) using our Borrowing Policy guide or contact us for assistance.
  • Please contact us if you'd like assistance activating or updating Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loan requesting.

COVID-19 Home Page or Footer Notices in Illume:

  • COVID-19 Home Page Notice - Update or delete any special notice added to your Illume Home Page to let your patrons know of services changes/updates. Check-out our COVID-19 Notice example video (no sound) [MP4; 4m32s] and please let us know if you'd like assistance updating or deleting a notice. We recommend continuing to inform patrons that Interlibrary Loans may take longer to process than normal due to continuing library closures within our provincial ILL system.
  • UX Admin - Update your Home Page or Footer to remove or update any notifications of Interlibrary Loan suspensions or delays in service due to remaining closures within our system. 

If you have any questions or would like assistance updating your Illume (SHAREit V6) please don't hesitate to contact us. The Illume Administrative Support Centre will continue to remain open!

Post-Secondary Libraries/Institutions Accepting Returns:

The following list may not be complete. Please contact a library directly for additional information.

  • Public Libraries Accepting Returns (list updated twice weekly ; contact <> to be added to the list ; confirm with lender first): 
  • Academic libraries:
    • Capilano University (BVAC) - Physical materials can be Returned to the campuses but CapU is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time. Returns may experience processing delays as Staff time on-campus is limited to only every few weeks.
    • Justice Institute of BC (BVAJI) - Physical materials can now be Returned but JIBC is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time. Processing delays may occur as Staff are not available full-time on-campus.
    • Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (BMN) - Physical materials can be Returned and new print Returnable (loan) items can be borrowed. Shipping delays may occur due to staffing.
    • North Island College (BCOM) - Physical materials can be Returned to the campuses but NIC is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time. NIC will return returnable loans when possible.
    • Okanagan College (BKOC) - Physical materials can now be Returned but OC is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time. 
    • Royal Roads University (BRCZ) - Physical materials can now be Returned but RRU is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time.
    • University of Nothern BC (BPGU) - Physical materials can be Returned to the campuses but UNBC is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests at this time. Returns may experience processing delays as Staff time on-campus is limited to only every few weeks.
    • University of the Fraser Valley (BCLF) - Physical materials can be Returned but UFV is not accepting new Returnable (loan) requests or returning borrowed materials at this time.
    • Yukon College (YWC) - Physical materials can be returned and new print Returnable (loan) items can be borrowed. But Shipping delays may occur due to on-campus Staff rotations.
    • Is your Post-secondary library allowing returns or new print returnanble loan ILLs? Contact us to update your information!