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Uploaded Record Errors

There are a couple diagnostic tools to help improve the quality of the BC Union Catalogue. These tools run automatically when files are uploaded to the ShareFILE site. Libraries are encouraged to check the ShareFILE site to see if any of their uploaded records have been marked as containing errors by the diagnostic tools and, as of April 2021, libraries will be notified via email if they have error files available.

Please Note: In preparation for a Union Database cleanup project in 2020, Auto-Graphics has also started checking UDB record uploads for various issues such as multiple 245 Title fields which cause the "Blank Title Bug". We hope to identify all records that reportedly cause errors over the next year or so (2019-20). You may see automatic or manual emails from Auto-Graphics or the Illume Admin Centre highlighting any of your records that we recommend be updated. Records with issues can be provided in text or MARC format by Auto-Graphics.

BC Union Catalogue (formerly OutLook Online)

The diagnostic tools generate three folders that are available on the same ShareFILE site (login same as you would when uploading) where records are uploaded: FAILEDFILTER and NO_ISSN_ISBN.

How do I find out if the diagnostic tools have picked up any record errors? Please keep in mind that you may need to wait a few days after uploading the records before the records can be indexed, and the diagnostic tools run. You will be emailed a notification if your record upload contained errors.

  1. Look in the FAILEDFILTER and NO_ISSN_ISBN folders. Each upload of records generates its own file, which is posted in the folders in subgroups by month.
  2. Locate the file for your particular upload by going to the appropriate monthly subfolder and then looking for the file with your library's SHAREit code.
  3. If there is a file with your library's SHAREit code, download and open up the file to see the problematic records. Make the necessary corrections to these records in your ILS.

How do I fix the record errors?

Records need to be fixed differently, depending on which folder they appear.

  • Failed Filter (FAILEDFILTER) for Records without Title or Publisher Information:

    This filter runs only against full strip and reloads of catalogue records (ie. it does not apply to additions/deletions/changes). The filter creates a file of records that do not meet the minimum cataloguing standard of having at least some information in the 245 $a (title) and 260 $b (publisher name). This file can be useful for identifying minor cataloguing errors, e.g. when information that should be in 260 $b is in the $a instead.

    Records that fail this filter are no longer loaded into the BC Union Catalogue. Please correct the Title or Publisher fields and submit the records again in your next record load.
  • No Call Numbers (NO_CALL_NUMBER) for records without a Call Number attached:

    Records without Call Numbers are still added to the BCUC union catalogue. We are informing you so you can update to attach Call Numbers as they're useful for the health of our ILL system and union databases.

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